Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To the Grown-ups:

Dear Adults:

I just want to kindly thank you for all you've done to screw up society.
I know, us kids have 'bad influences', like the music we listen to that you produce, like the violent movies and TV that you create, like the spoiled brats that you pay to spoil, like the commercialization of society which you fund,  and like the loss of personal history that you didn't deem important enough to pass on.

I'm sorry that the governments of the world seem increasingly broken, they've been that way since 'Grown-Ups' have been running them. I'm sorry the economy is tanking, maybe you should talk to the 'Grown-Ups' in congress. I'm sorry there's race riots and famine and families that can't support each other. I think that's because of those 'Grown-Ups' who fail to see all people as equals unless there's money to be had. I'm sorry for religious extremism. It seems like you should blame that on the 'Grown-Ups' who raise their children without a shadow of choice or hold their families to their own extreme beliefs. I'm sorry there's violence, you could ask the children of 'Grown-Ups' who've beaten them their entire lives why they think that it's okay to lash out at others.

TL;DR: Thanks, 'Grown-Ups', now stop touching stuff, you're making it worse.

Talk to me when you'd like a bit of insight,
-One of those 'Damned Kids'

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